Paradise Garden Workshop │ Aberdeen University, Aberdeen (UK) │ 2016

Paradise Garden Workshop 15, Feb 2016
The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Paradise Garden Workshop envisages a way to discuss people’s notions toward the environment and the idea of perfect nature. In this workshop, the participants firstly defined the qualities of their ideal natural environment, the ‘paradise’, then using plants, stones, soil and materials found in the Cruickshank Botanic Garden (the university botanical garden) to present those qualities in their miniature gardens. In the workshop, we looked back at the history of eastern (Chinese and Japanese) and western landscape/ garden making, each participant shared their idea of an ideal natural environment, reflected on today's approaches in environmental design and landscape architecture.

The Paradise Garden Workshop was made possible by the kind support of the University of Aberdeen's anthropology department, the "Knowing From the Inside" project (, and the Cruickshank Botanic Garden.

Paradise Garden Workshop 天堂樂園工作坊應英國蘇格蘭Aberdeen大學人類學系Knowing From Inside計劃邀請舉辦。在工作坊中,參與者先以詞彙定義出各自心目中天堂樂園的特質後,前往植物園聽取植物園策展管理人對植物園設計及管理的思考。之後返回工作坊場地,畫出各自的花園邊界,並著手拆散原本在會場的植物裝置,以這些素材來製作個人心目中的天堂樂園。最後参與者輪流分享對天堂樂園的想像,以及這個象徵各自想像的作品。