Still life with a book │ This is a book (or not), Thus Bookstore, Taichung (TW) │ 2016

這是一個書展, (maybe not.) 1 July - 25 September, 2016
Thus Bookstore 東海書苑,Taichung, Taiwan

The book "How To Read A Book" was bind to a frame with two C-clamps and couldn't be opened and read. The framed content was a thread of discussion from an internet forum, on the topic "What does it mean "to read a book"? What is the definition of a book, is novel a book? (都说看书,那真正书的定义是什么?)" 

Definitions of the "book" from Chinese and English Wikipedia and from the UNESCO, were printed out on separated papers. Each paper was folded with the definition inside and then bind into a small booklet, which was attached to the installation with a string.

In an economical environment where most of the book stores struggling to survive by turning into coffee shops with book walls. "Still life with a book" was a eulogy to the ideologies of books, and looking at the books as objects, existing independently from the action "reading".